Best Apple iPhone 7 -Features, Release and Date

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is hoped to launch in 2016 which will bring new design and new features with new look. We are not hoping to enjoy iPhone 7 till the fall of 2016. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were presented on September 9, 2015 and arrived in stores on 25th of that month, so it is very likely the iPhone 7 will come in September.

It has been rumored that the company will make an event in March 2016, and some has indicated that it would present a phone model iPhone 6C – 4-inch version which would replace the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 7 Design

In recent years, Apple upgrade cycle has been somewhat predictable but drastic changes occur in case of design for last two years. It brings internal adjustments in the models with the letter S. It is unrealistic to expect a total redesign in 2016, with some radical innovations.

Some sources say that Apple has developed several prototypes for the iPhone 7. We hope that one of the innovations has to do with water resistance which has already offered manufacturers like Samsung and Sony.

One of the most interesting predictions for the iPhone 7 is the possible elimination of the physical home button. Besides, recent innovations of the iPhone, including pressure 3D Touch interface and voice assistant Siri, have reduced the need of the button. So it would make sense remove it. That would also allow apple to expand its screen within the same chassis.


The rumor about the possible sapphire screen for iPhone does not seem to die. This would offer greater resistance than the one made with Gorilla Glass. In fact, the luxury models of Apple Watch already has sapphire screens and OLED technology that offer better contrast and colors, so it has also been talking that Apple would change the current LCD display technology. However, this is not expected until 2018, for iPhone August.


One of the most intense speculations talks about connectivity standards that will offer the iPhone 7. One of the rumors speaks the potential failure of the 3.5mm headphone jack, a standard in all previous iPhones to replace the entrance Lightning . This would further make thin the body of the phone – perhaps eliminating up to one millimeter. Something that supports this theory is the presentation of headphones for connection lightning which has not yet come to market.


What’s USB C? Although it is becoming increasingly common in all types of devices, it is unlikely. Although Apple included the connection in its new 12-inch MacBook, in all other products the company is still committed to the Lightning connection, as with the Pencil and the new Apple Smart Cover Battery Case.

As always, the new generation iPhone is expected to have greater power, despite the excellent performance of 64-bit chip A9 iPhone 6S. A10 expects to see the iPhone generation 7 plus a boost in RAM from 2GB to 4GB, as the 6S models received an increase from 1GB to 2GB.

For storage, it would be too much to ask that Apple finally removed 16GB models, although the company has been offering several generations of the phone with the same capacities (16GB, 64GB and 128GB). A 256 GB iPhone? Why not?


iPhone 7 Camera

Many sources have said there would be a significant improvement in quality over the iPhone camera 6S. There has been talk of a camera 10 and a two-mega pixel dSLR lenses. Although the camera 6S has improved considerably over its predecessor, only the 6S Plus has optical image stabilization, a feature that the iPhone 7 could bring.


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