Top 10 Best Android Games for 2016: Free Download

best android games

Top 10 Best Android games for 2016

  1. Flow Free

best android games

It is one of the best android games and a puzzle type game which is really simple in all aspects, the approach may seem absurd, but after a couple of levels becomes addictive and incredibly complex. In Flow you have to connect only two dots of the same color through a grid without the lines crossing each path. It’s very simple, isn’t it? Try levels of 9 × 9.



  1. Fruit Ninja

best android games


When Android started becoming really popular, this was the game which accompanied it. It was developed in 2010 by Halfbrick Studios; the game is based on the simple swipe of your finger on the screen, like a katana, you have to slice all the fruit flying on the scene. It is almost impossible for a game with such a crude system that is so entertaining.



  1. Jurassic Park Builder


best android games

It’s an awesome game with an economic bias for devices. The game is made on the basis of a theme of a popular movie. You should build your own Jurassic Park formed with dinosaurs. This game starts like a movie with the found mosquito in the amber and which blood holds DNA of primitive reptiles. You have to bring your dinosaurs on the based of their DNA.




  1. Ravensword: Shadowlands


best android games

The guys at Crescent Moon Games have a base of followers thanks to its sizeable franchise Ravensword. It is the best RPG games which you can find on the market. The game exposes a large and sophisticated detailed kingdom, summons powerful weapons, gathers hundreds of items and enriches your skill as well. It also imitates a thorough storyline to suggest the mysteries of the realm of Tyreas but that is a must for fans of the genre.



  1. Toy Story: Smash it!


best android games

There is a free version of this game, however, the full and fascinating experience for young and old, comes with 100% pay editing, and it barely costs 99 cents. It is totally worth. Just play the first few seconds to check it. Buzz Lightyear manages through 60 levels in a 3D environment defeating aliens. However, it is supposed to be for kid’s game but adults are still quite enjoying.




  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition


best android games

At a time Plants vs. Zombies or Angry Birds were the big fashion games that everyone had and no one could miss it but equivalent game for this season is Minecraft. The beauty about this franchise is the worship of his followers and the large number of applications developed to enhance the game experience. The mobile version of this game is relatively limited when it’s compared to the PC or Xbox 360, but it represents hours of entertainment and creativity.




  1. Crack Word


best android games

It is one of the best Android games mixed with a set of social vocation that is enjoyed between two individuals in total competition to find the largest possible number of words in a word search which lets you draw different patterns to find words. However, there is a paid version without advertising inserts and other is free which is slow with many advertisements.



  1. Angry Words (Apalabrados)


best android games

It’s a bit similar to the second missed game Etermax on the list. Usually the game causes a furore with the boom of smartphones and integrates cross-platform with users of Facebook, it is actually a revised and expanded Scrabble version,,



  1. Neon Zone


best android games

The approach is similar to the Flow, but mainly being a twisted level. Developed by the folks at House on Fire, the same game for the special episodes (still incomplete) of The Silent Age , here it maintains visual aesthetics minimalist dream and poses a simple puzzle game where you can get a picture of light.



  1. Threes!


best android games

The game is a beauty for its graphic simplicity and mathematical complexity. There is already an army of clones of this title, but the original is still maintained as the best of all. The basis of this puzzle is challenging: on a board of numbers have to position them in combinations over themselves to get sums of multiples of three. Our mental agility and skill are vital accounts here, and really is the kind of titles that sound too complicated but once you are on them is impossible to release.


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