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door security, lock security, lock

Theft is a concern for homeowners. But what is the best way for door security? No doubt you already have installed an alarm system (if not, do it immediately), and perhaps you have a dog patrolling your property. Statistics indicate that most burglars enter homes through the main or back doors. So keep those doors properly closed and secure. Here are some suggestions for lock security.

Get the right door. If your front and back doors are hollow, you need to change them immediately. How do you know if the door is hollow? Just kick it with its knuckles. Hollow doors are varnished wooden slats on a cardboard core. All exterior doors should be solid. Solid are made of the following materials:


-Solid wood

-Solid wood core (a sheet of wood veneer on the core)

-Metal. (Note: make sure the metal doors are reinforced on the inside, and they have what is called lock might otherwise be opened with a car jack.)


door security, lock security, lock


Advice for Door Security


1) Even the most solid lock systems are useless if the door frame is weak. Make sure the door frame is strong and safe as the lock.


2) The double cylinder locks, though safer, can be a hazard if there is a fire. You must find the key to open them, even from the inside. In some places, the building regulations prohibit their use in residences. Consider the risks of these bolts before installing them.


3 ) Pick a lock is easy if you know how to do it properly, even a doorknob. You should even think of protection for a master key. The Medeco, although expensive, locks provide the best protection against the struggle of locks.


4) Do not be obsessed with security. Naturally you want to take all possible steps to protect yourself, your family and your belongings, but do not turn your house into a prison. Regardless of the precautions you take, you can still be a victim of a crime at some point, and you have a life to live – not let fear stop you from enjoying your life.


5) If you’re not used to lock your door and you have a door that you can close keyless, worry about remembering carrying keys whenever you leave the house or you might stay locked away ever despite your efforts, you soon get used to it. Leave a copy of your key to a neighbor, or think of a place to hide anywhere on your property, instead of leaving it in the obvious hiding near the door.


Things You’ll Need for Door Security

-Solid wood doors or metal

-Bolts of grade 1 or 2

-Reinforcing plates

-Masonry screws or nails



door security, lock security, lock


Door Security Service

Many company provide door security service online & offline based. Just make a call with your problem.

They will reached your home. Isn’t it helpful information for my blog readers?

I know a company the provides following service. If your need any locksmith service or door security  you can call them this number ( 844-835-0710).

*Open a Club/Pad Lock
*File Cabinet
*Sentry Safe
*Sliding Door
*Auto Door Key
*Master Key – INACTIVE
*Auto Ignition Key/ Change
*Lockout/ Open Door- Resedential
*change Cylinder – Inactive
*Rekey/Master Key
*Install/Change Locks/Cylinder

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