WiFi Mouse with its Features-Characteristics

wifi mouse

Wifi mouse server is the application server for wireless mouse, the app for Android phones that allows trackpad to simulate a screen cell. Wifi mouse server is easily installed and runs in the background. It needs no configuration options and its functioning is very simple.

The mouse is a must for those who work regularly with computers tool. They come in two types, wired and wireless, although the latter seems to be eating the rest territory rapidly. Wireless mouse can also be distinguished according to the transmission technology: radio frequency, infrared or Bluetooth mouse. Well, these three technologies must be added using WiFi connection with the release of the first model that makes use of this form of connection.

HP wifi mouse is the first model. It has a main advantage is that it is not necessary to occupy a USB port with the mouse receiver. The computer itself (and more specifically the network card) is receiving all the information. Bluetooth is getting something similar, but the problem with this technology is that not all the computers are fitted as standard.HP mouse is a first model has certainly taken on a trial basis. It is far from perfect and has many drawbacks in its use.

wifi mouse

Pros Cons
Easy installation
No security options


What can WiFi Mouse perform for you?

  • Wireless mouse
Help computer mouse left/right click on as well as scroll
  • Wireless keyboard
Assistance Google android program computer keyboard and imitate key pad
  • Wireless joystick
Game controller to manage your pc video games
  • Virtual computer
Run your PC like in front of a computer (support RDP)
  • PC controllers
Control media player, Web browser, Display, windows, also shutdown your personal computer.


wireless mouse,Bluetooth mouse


WiFi Mouse Characteristics

Computer mouse motion as well as click on

Help to make scrolling

Google android computer keyboard or even imitate complete display key pad

Tone of voice in order to textual content to pc

Huge gestures

Pc programs checklist and begin

Media controller

Control media player, Spotify, VLC etc.

Presentation or display controller

Manage PPT, Keynote


Shutdown—restart— logout–your computer


Login and run your PC

Compatible with Windows/Mac OSX/Linux



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